Reagent Pack

  • Anticoagulant

  • Process Reagents

  • Vial Adapters


PROLOVITA™ is designed to treat the animal’s immune cells with our protein and either return the treated cells to the animal on the same day or be frozen to provide treatment at a later date. The treatment is prepared by a medical professional or lab technician using pre-packaged components and materials, takes under four hours to complete and requires the use of laboratory equipment that is commonly found in veterinary cancer hospitals or animal research centers.

prorovita process_edited.jpg

Key Features of PROLOVITA™

  • Takes less than 4 hours

  • Improved separation of cells

  • Cryopreserved for future treatments

Ready for Commercialization

Packaging: All-in-one

Distribution: No cold chain

Target Use: All Cats and Dogs

Applications: Solid Tumors, Infectious Disease

Designed For: Veterinary Clinics


prorovita process_edited.jpg