EUNOVITA™ is designed to cryopreserve immune cells of companions animals for long-term storage. EUNOVITA™ can be paired with PROLOVITA™ to improve the manufacturing process by cryopreserving multiple treatments for use at a later date. As a stand-alone product, EUNOVITA™ is intended to cryopreserve the healthy immune cells of animal for use later in life to boost the animal’s aging immune system. Rejuvenation of the immune system is an expanding field in humans and SustentoBio intends to bring it to the veterinary marketplace. In 2022, SustentoBio intends to start a study of EUNOVITA™ at a clinical site in Japan for the rejuvenation of companion animals.


Over the course of the life, the animal is exposed to many factors that contribute to the weakening of the immune system. Vets who’ve used our products have all indicated that post-treatment, the dogs are more alert, energetic and act like younger dogs. After analyzing the dogs’ blood, it was found that certain blood levels were similar to those of younger dogs. 

Ready for Product Development

EUNOVITA™: A device to cryopreserve immune calls of companion animals for use at a later date

Target Use: Companion Animals

Applications: Rejuvenation or cryopreservation of SustentoBio's other products

Designed For: Veterinary Labs


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